I’ve tried Brandless twice in the last year and I seem to be one of the few having bad luck with it.

I first tried it in October 2017 – the box of forks I received were basically $1 store quality and very flimsy. The pasta sauces were bland and the facial cleanser wouldn’t make any cleansing from. I did enjoy the shampoo and conditioner.

After seeing so many great reviews on YouTube – particularly from two of my fave YouTubers Kiera (50 Shades of Mom) and Vanessa (Lemonade Mom), I decided to give it another try.

Below is a short unboxing video where you can see not only what I purchased but the three -very- damaged items. I e-mailed them and they responded with a few questions about the items. I requested a refund instead of the items being replaced and I’m still waiting to hear back. I’m honestly still not sure how I feel about Brandless, but I do seem to be one of the few with bad experiences.

Have you ordered from Brandless? What’s your experience been like?