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Weight Watchers (and new HAUL)!

This is my 4th time joining Weight Watchers and I am committed to lose the weight and make it to WW Lifetime. I first joined summer 2016 and I lost 9 lbs; in 2017 I joined during the summer as well and lost lbs, and I’m sure I joined for a week at some point after. I fell off the bandwagon within 1-2 months the first time.

I admit it’s not perfect; but I love that it helps me be more mindful and conscious about my food choices. I still eat pasta, rice and cheese (yum!). Just smaller portions or same portion but being mindful about making much better choices throughout the day. If you want to follow along my journey on WW, check out my WW-only Instagram where I post what I eat all day, every day.

Today I went to ALDI, Trader Joe’s, Costco and BJ’s looking for lots of WW friendly foods. I also ordered a few snacks from the WW website just to make things easier and keep the ball rolling.

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