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  1. I love watching hauls. Especially from places that aren’t available here. I fell in love with Trader Joe’s when I went to one in San Diego and ALDI when I went to Chicago. My mouth dropped at how cheap you can get stuff there for organic food. It’s probably one of the things I’m looking forward to the most if we ever move to the mainland, which we are considering within the next few years.

    I wasn’t getting your new posts because I kept going to your old URL which wasn’t working lol. Added the new URL to my Bloglovin so I should be getting your new posts now <3

    1. Oh same here, it’s the only reason I decided to make them haha. Trader Joe’s is amazing and ALDI I think depends on finding a good one. The one closest to me is terrible, I drive 15 minutes to another city for a great, large one. ALDI has helped us bring down our monthly food bill by over $100. We still mostly get our meat and seafood from Costco and specialty items from Trader Joe’s.

      Where are you considering? I love both PR and the mainland so I can understand what a difficult decision it is.

      Glad you found the new URL :)!