5 Favorite Homemaking Accessories

Homemaking is the act of making a house a home. In our household, it is our understanding that it is both of our’s responsibility to upkeep our home and make sure we have the best ambiance. My husband is great at helping me keep up with cleaning, he’s usually the one who does laundry and at least 2 times a week he makes dinner. However, when it comes to those extra little details that make a house a home, I’m the one in charge.

These things are by no means necessities nor priorities, they’re just little details that give our home a little extra flair. P.S. I am not being sponsored by any of these websites.

  1. Monogramed Flower Vase – I love having fresh flowers in our house, though I fall out of habit every so often, I’m making it my goal to at least get fresh flowers once a month. My favorite vase is this one from Mark & Graham; we got it with a monogramed gold “P”.
  2. Candles – I’ve always loved candles, but my mother is very sensitive to smells so I never had them in my room growing up. In our home, I make it a “sort-of priority” to have candles in our kitchen, living room and bathroom. I love cleaning the kitchen at the end of the day and lighting a candle. Also, my husband and I love taking a shower with the light turned off and only a candle flickering to really make shower time a relaxing one before bed. My absolute favorite candles are from Yankee Candle . My favorite scents are: Mistletoe (Christmas time), Sage and Citrus, Mediterranean Breeze and Catching Rays. I know Yankee Candle is expensive, but they’re well worth it. Their scent never goes away unlike other name brand candles.
  3. Essential Oil Diffuser – I purchased this on a limb when we first relocated to Connecticut, now my husband sets it up on his own. We sleep so much better when we diffuse a few drops of lavender oil. I purchased this diffuser from Amazon and I’m quite content with it. I may look into purchasing a set of two equal ones if and when we move to a bigger apartment.
  4. Family Sign – Family established signs are all the rave now on Etsy and Pinterest, and I don’t mind. I love how this little sign instantly made our rental apartment feel like home as well as see in writing that we are now a family. I mean, of course we knew that without the sign but….oh you know what I mean. We purchased ours from this seller on Etsy, I custom ordered it for the wood to be painted white.
  5. Kitchen Towels/Oven Mitt Set – We have a small kitchen, which is also very sleek and modern. AKA, it’s plain and white. Since this is a rental, we can’t really do much with it so I purchased a set of  blue stripe towels to add some color, I hung an oven mitt and pot holder with Command hooks and purchased blue placemats. I purchased our accessories at Williams-Sonoma. This is the towel set, oven mitt set and placemats.

What are some of your favorite homemaking accessories?