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5 Trader Joe’s Products I Don’t Like


My husband and I absolutely adore Trader Joe’s. If you’ve seen any of my grocery haul videos you’ll know this. The prices are fantastic, it’s smaller than most grocery chains and they carry a great variety of organic foods as well as cool specialty products. However, after 5+ months of grocery shopping almost exclusively at Trader Joe’s, the honeymoon is over and I realize that not all of their products make my lists. Here are the 5 I really, really, really don’t like.

  1. Unexpected Cheddar Cheese – The texture is too crumbly and it’s excessively salty. The “hints” of Parmesan are very strong and quite frankly unappetizing for us.
  2. Tomato-Basil Sauce – The $1.99 price  is what has lured me in every time. Frankly, it’s just too bland. I end up adding so many spices that I might as well just make it from scratch, which essentially defeats the purpose of store-bought. I’ll be going back to Bertolli jarred sauces, which you can usually find good sales on at Target.
  3. Pre-Made “Fresh” Pizza Dough – Maybe I just don’t know how to work this but it’s a pain to get this dough to stretch through. I’ve tried adding some cornmeal to make it stick less and it doesn’t help at all. Not re-purchasing.
  4. Hatch Valley Salsa – I purchased this after seeing great reviews on YouTube. I can’t say I hated it….I can’t say I liked it either. However this is listed because of hubby. He absolutely despised both the taste and, more specifically, the texture. It’s very slime-y.
  5. Frozen Mini Croissants – These were a “Oh hey look…cool” purchase. Not a part of the menu plan nor of our usual “extras” at TJ. The main reason these are on this is the inconvenience of having to get them out the night before to proof and then bake in the morning.

Are there any Trader Joe’s products you don’t like?

Let me know in the comments below.