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2 Week Menu Plan + Grocery Haul

Hi everyone, I feel like it’s been forever and a day since I did a grocery haul video and menu plan. Today we went to Trader Joe’s, Costco and ShopRite. We grocery shop for two weeks at a time so they’re definitely big hauls. Also, we were low on things like sugar (our one little bag of sugar that we bought back in August 2016 ran out this week, I’m very proud), non-stick cooking spray, extra virgin olive oil, etc. Additionally, I had been buying beans at Trader Joe’s but I’m not the biggest fan of the quality, I felt it was half skins half beans; so we went back to purchasing beans in bulk at Costco. If you’re really trying to save money, dried beans is the way to go. In this season of life, less prep time is worth the difference in price.

Two fails occurred today. First of all, I didn’t double-check household items needed and I ended up buying toilet paper and paper towels at ShopRite, which I never do. Second, we forgot to buy shrimp which was in the menu plan (my mistake for not writing it in our Grocery List on our phones), I remembered when I got to ShopRite (our last stop) and by then I knew we could go without it and still have a good menu plan. Speaking of, I only go to ShopRite every 2-3 months because they have a good variety of Hispanic foods and that’s where I get frozen sweet plantains and good quality sofrito.

We’ve been going over budget recently so next grocery trip we may try going somewhere else and compare if buying the Organic chicken from Costco is a better bargain. That’s what we used to do for the longest time.

Wow, that was a long intro. Here’s the menu plan. I’ve included links to most recipes for your convenience. Most of these are on our regular rotation so I know most of them by memory.

Sunday: Puerto Rican style red kidney beans, baked sweet plantains and breaded chicken. (I use this recipe for the chicken minus the cheese and sauce, works every time!)

MondayBaked “Potato” Soup

Tuesday: Tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches

Wednesday: Arugula salad with bruschetta chicken 

Thursday: Breaded chicken with shredded brussel sprouts

Friday: Turkey bolognese with rigatoni

Saturday: Take-out

Sunday: Portobello fajitas

Monday: Spaghetti with arrabbiata sauce and sautéed kale

Tuesday: Balsamic chicken with roasted vegetables

Wednesday: Asian vegetable rice bowls with egg

Thursday: Quinoa chili 

Friday: Quinoa mushroom bake

Saturday: Food shopping again 🙂 !


We don’t menu plan for lunch as we usually have salad with leftovers, quinoa salad or dumplings with broccoli.

What’s on your menu plan?