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Cliché End-Of-Year Post

Can you believe there’s only a few days left in 2016? How is this even possible?

I’m supposed to be working right now but it’s snowing outside and being snuggled up in bed with my second cup of late night coffee is so much better. Next week we’re going back to Puerto Rico to spend Christmas with our families and I know I’ll be disconnected for a few days so I thought I’d do this post now.

Throughout my life I’ve had many forms of online spaces to express myself, from MySpace (#old #Tom) to tumbler and countless blogs that only survived a few weeks, and I have always made this post.

I know that when I’m older and have children, I’ll mention 2016 frequently. It was the year of the biggest changes in my life, very joyous occasions and also a presidential election that frankly has me terrified of what’s to come.

Here’s the best of what happened every month:

January – Finished all doctoral internship interviews, man, what a relief that was. Met my good friend Rachel in an interview in Houston, TX (where she is doing her internship). Rachel is one of those people that after a few hours we felt like we had known each other for a really long time. She’s been there for me ever since, to celebrate good things and to offer wise words and support in more difficult moments.

February – Received the e-mail I had been waiting for….I had matched for internship at my number one ranked site, which also happened to be accredited by the American Psychological Association (#goals).

March – After 9 years dating and a four year engagement….J and I got married! We moved in to our very first apartment. Realized I had no idea what to do in a house, began reading many homemaking blogs, fell in love with the concept of homemaking.

April – We went on our honeymoon! We kept it low-key and budget-friendly and did Walt Disney World and Savannah, GA. In Savannah we stayed at a fancy hotel (you know, the kind where the give you big fuzzy robes and slippers) and it was wonderful, haha. Also, my husband met my aunts who live in Florida and loved them as much as I do.

May – I believe that around this time is when CoffeeAddictHomemaker was born. This blog has give me the opportunity to express myself (I miss my therapist….) and connect with others who are also in their homemaking journeys. I’ve connected with many awesome ladies specifically through Instagram and I’m thankful to each person who reads my blog or comments on photos, etc.

June – I defended/approved my dissertation proposal! This was an intense milestone. I had been researching Autism Spectrum Disorder for my original dissertation and had all of the material for my lit review ready to go. I then changed to Eating Disorders (no regrets as I am extremely passionate about this subject) in February and had to start from the beginning.

July – Said goodbye to our first apartment and hello to the second one. Bought our one-way tickets to Connecticut. Spent as much time with our families as we could; gave some of the longest hugs and said some of the saddest “see you soon” ever.

August – Moved from Puerto Rico to Connecticut. Was able to spend a month being at home full-time. I miss it every single day. Bought our first car together! Met the most amazing lady at the airport who has now turned into my Connecticut mother (her words). Her and her family has made the transition and adjustment much more bearable.

September – Began my internship! Travelled to Québec, Canada with my husband and best friend. Turned 26!

October -Hmmm, I think the biggest thing was that my vacation time was approved and we purchased our tickets to go to PR for Christmas.

November – Went to NYC for the first time. Spent Thanksgiving with one of the other intern’s family which was spectacular. — The election happened, we do not speak of this.

December – Going home for Christmas!!!! I’ll be back in CT for the New Year.

What are some of your biggest memories from 2016?

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year 2017!