Homemaking Menu Plans

2 Week Menu Plan

Our current season of life has forced me to change menu planning strategy. Now I only plan for dinners, aiming to make extra for leftovers and lunch is either soup for the week, sandwiches or simple salads with garbanzos, hummus, etc. We try to stick to this meal plan as much as possible, but of course, sometimes things change. Though I don’t include it in the meal plan, we always have one bag each of frozen fried rice and mandarin chicken (from Trader Joe’s) for dinner emergencies. It’s not super healthy obviously, but it’s quick, budget friendly and at least we can read what ingredients went in it. This emergency could be that we forgot to take a meat out, that we’re running low on veggies or that hubby’s day was too busy to get something going on the crock pot (he works from home).

Here are our dinners for the next 2 weeks.

Sunday: Spinach tortellini with EVOO, basil and Parmesan cheese.
Monday: Slow cooker salsa roja chicken served over salad
Tuesday: Bow tie pasta with pesto
Wednesday: Pesto shrimp with smashed potatoes and haricots verts
Thursday: Chicken lettuce wraps “salad” (From Cravings cookbook, p. 140)
Friday: Homemade pizza
Saturday: Lemony arugula cacio e pepe (From Cravings cookbook, p. 79)

Sunday: Quinoa chili with cornbread
Monday: Veggie Lo-Mein
Tuesday: Cobb salads with Greek yogurt ranch dressing.
Wednesday: SkinnyTaste Pasta and Broccoli 
Thursday: Baked bean burritos and salad
Friday: Puerto Rican rice and beans with grilled chicken
Saturday: Leftovers


*Lunches are usually leftovers, salads or something made to be stretched out during the week such as soup, quinoa marinara bake, etc. For these weeks we’ve planned:

If all else fails, breakfast for dinner or pasta with jarred marinara. 😉 Don’t stress, everything will be okay.

What are some of your weekly meal staples? Do you meal plan?



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