I’m old….literally.

Yesterday I was on Facebook and a few friends who know my unhealthy obsession with Disney World tagged me in various “Magic Kingdom’s 45th Birthday” posts. For a second I was so excited and then it stopped. I realized that I had been to WDW’s Magic Kingdom for it’s 25th birthday. IT CAN’T BE POSSIBLE I’M THINKING ABOUT SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED TWENTY YEARS AGO AND I WAS THERE TO LIVE IT???

I am not kidding when I literally gasped and said “Oh my God I’m getting old!”. T-W-E-N-T-Y. “Twenty years ago…” is now a phrase in my vocabulary. Grant it I’m only 26 and can only remember that WDW trip from pictures mostly, but I was there. I even have a picture in front of the castle turned into a cake.

To add insult to injury here are other activities that have occurred within the last 48 hours that confirm I’m getting old:

  • I got a text message alert from Geico stating that I was going to be charged for our car insurance.
  • My husband and I discussed health insurance in the morning as my job offers a great deal on a “family plan”.
  • This morning I woke up and my knee and scapula cracked while stretching.
  • Before writing this post, I texted my mother back in Puerto Rico for a recipe for chicken-less chicken soup (thank goodness she understands me) because the though of soup when not sick is no longer horrifying to me.
  • I just re-purposed a jam jar into a mason jar style container because I’m an adult with actual expenses and can’t afford to buy a mason jar for every little thing I want. For pictures here’s the before and here’s the after.
  • I have this one gray hair that seems to be an antenna of some sorts as it’s always peeking up to remind me I’m close to 30.
  • After years and years (and years) of studying, this Friday we got our business cards that say “Doctoral Psychology Intern” which reminds me that next year I’ll be a Doctor and real clinical psychologist.
  • More than half of my friends are now married.
  • I was hungry last night and instead of having a grilled cheese like I wanted, I had a yogurt with granola because I knew it was the sensible option.

I hope you have an amazing day.

I now have to check out the application process for AARP membership and then head to Denny’s for an early bird special.

Hey you kids, get off my lawn.  Just kidding, I live in an apartment building. I’ll save that one for when we move to the ‘burbs.


Senior Citizen Ana



P.S. The image is actually quite adorable and I’d love to have that teapot set, I chose because it is something I can picture my abuela having in her home. 😉