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I am sort of addicted to Amazon for no other reason that I’m lazy and most of the time prefer to do my shopping online. Usually I get random knickknacks and grant it, that’s sort of what this haul is but in any case I thought I’d share.

The original reason for me logging into Amazon today was dried herbs. A lot of the recipes I’ve been doing call for sage and rosemary which although I can find fresh at a good price it just never seems to last long enough. So, I thought I’d spend the money for Organic dried herbs and have peace of mind that I’ll have them on hand when needed. Another item I decided to purchase in a bulk size is sesame seeds. Sesame seeds can be very expensive at the grocery store and I make a lot of Asian inspired meals that call for sesame seeds, including my go-to lunch of salad with vegetable dumplings. There’s something about the taste of toasted sesame seeds that just can’t be duplicated. Back in Puerto Rico I used to find small bags of Badia brand sesame seeds for under a dollar, here in CT I’ve only seen them at ShopRite and it’s the small McCormick container for $2 something. As I write this I now realize that I didn’t check the price for sesame seeds at Whole Foods. Oh well….also, who would’ve thought you could dedicate almost an entire paragraph to sesame seeds?

Here’s what I got:

Organic White Sesame Seeds (16 oz. bag)  – Like I said, I always seem to run out and I use sesame seeds 2-3 times a week in different recipes. Hopefully this lasts us around 2 months or more.

Hodgson Mill Pure Corn Starch – Now that I’m working outside the home and some days I don’t get home until after 7:00pm, we’re doing more crockpot meals, many of which call for corn starch to thicken sauces. I looked for corn starch at Target and Trader Joe’s to no avail, I figured this will last us a long time.

Simply Organic Thyme, Basil and Rosemary – Like I said, a lot of recipes call for these spices and sometimes I just don’t have the fresh ones on hand. Though I prefer fresh basil, it’s good to have a back up to add to sauces and such.

Kitchen countertop shelf – For a small apartment, we have a decent amount of counterspace. However, for a few weeks I’ve been wishing we could have te toaster somewhere else in order to make better use of the cabinet space. Finally I caved and order this shelf in order to leave the toaster in the counter (hubby uses it daily) but also add space underneath. It’s a very economic shelf, so I’m a little skeptical about the quality once it arrives (although it has great reviews) but this apartment is a rental so I’m also not about to go and spend money on great quality items that may not be needed in our next home.

Decorative small glass canisters – This is purely decorative. Our apartment is very modern which for me translates to bland. Adding life to the kitchen has been difficult so I’m thinking these jars will hold sugar, granola and tea while adding a bit of personality. All I need to get now are navy blue and white striped kitchen towels and a blue mat for the counter and the kitchen will de “done” for our time in Hartford.

Also, the labels/marker to write out what’s inside each canister.

I’m very unapologetic about hating bras, so on days when I can get away with not wearing one, these are my go-to.

Essential Oil diffuser – Although we get pretty good ventilation in our apartment, I always want some sort of scent in my home. I remember my middle school best friend’s house always smelled a certain way, I would go there 3-4 times a week and you could always feel the difference from being outside to going inside their house. I can’t describe the smell but it smelled wonderfully. My husband and I are both pretty sensitive to strong smells and are prone to sinusitis (I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis at three years old, not fun) so scented sprays and candles aren’t really long term solutions. I figured 1-2 drops of essential oil will be enough to give our home a relaxing and signature scent without being overpowering. While we’re on that, this is the blend that I got, I’ve never strayed away from doTerra oils.

I hope you enjoyed this haul.

Have you purchased anything online recently? Let me know below!





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Comments (2)

  1. Love all the things you got! I’ve been dying to try sesame seeds and incorporate them into our meals. That has been on my to-do list for a while but I still haven’t gotten around to it.

    I love, love Amazon but I don’t know what’s been happening to the shipping to PR lately but it has been so hit and miss. Sometimes items arrive very quickly, and most times they take more than a week to arrive (even with Prime). That’s why I haven’t been ordering as much from there lately.

  2. Best trick with sesame seeds is to “brown” them in a non-stick pan, it realeases their oils and gives whatever dish an amazing flavor. I get it 100%, I was getting very irritated with Amazon when living in PR. Most things would ship on the 7th day of the time allotted and then would take up to two weeks to arrive. If I couldn’t afford express shipping, I would wait. I hat that shipping to PR is so problematic and costly. I think my best experiences with shipping to PR was with Sephora, always shipped and arrived quickly. Also, I always prefer to shop online with Sephora since you can get many samples and use coupon codes (retailmenot.com) to get freebies.