Adjusting to a new season of life

Hello everyone, or more likely the few that read my blog, you are the real MVPs. Anyways, as you can imagine by the title of my last post back on August 29th, I began my doctoral internship. In our world, it’s sort of the equivalent to “residency” for medical doctors. It’s the last step before graduating with our Doctor titles (well, internship and dissertation).

My internship brought me to Connecticut and it’s also brought along some changes. The biggest change? My husband now works from home and I’m at my internship site all day, often leaving past 7pm.

We talked about the changes and challenges that this year would bring and we prepared as much as possible. However, nothing prepares you as much as living the new season of life. I am no relationship expert (seriously, I married the guy I met when I was 16!) but we have had to figure out a way to come out strong throughout different seasons and stages in life, so I thought I’d share with all you other newlyweds out there how we are handling it.

Our new routine includes getting up at 6:00am so we can have breakfast together. I love cooking so getting home late to cook isn’t exactly bothersome, however, if we are both too tired, we’re doing simple dinners like grilled cheese sandwiches or even cereal. If you have kids, I know this isn’t realistic to their specific needs. And now on weekends, in order to spend quality time together, we’re leaving Oliver (our pup) at his favorite kennel every other weekend or so and we take the days to do errands, go eat, sightsee, etc. Ever since we moved he has been barking more, which is understandable given a big change. We don’t want to bother our neighbors either so if we can’t take him somewhere with us, we’ll take him to the kennel so he can have a fun day or two with other pups. Last week we did BlueApron which was a true life saver. I suffer from very bad Generalized Anxiety Disorder and was feeling extremely overwhelmed and anxious this week, J was able to prepare the meals from start to finish while I rested a bit.

All in all, we’re taking it all in stride, knowing that this is a temporary situation. Basically, I’m paying my dues, haha. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my site and as tired as I am at the end of the day I can’t imagine having matched anywhere else, but it has been a challenge adjusting.

Also, one BIG thing we’reĀ  I’m doing is decorating our apartment so it feels like a super cozy home. When we got married, we knew we were in that apartment for a very short time so we didn’t decorate. We had our furniture and one framed picture, that’s it. I also kept the gray and yellow cushions that came with the couch. Now I’m really getting into decorating our home. I ordered an “established” family sign from etsy and purchased new navy blue cushions from Crate & Barrel, it’s finally coming together and I’m obsessed. I’ll take pictures once everything is pretty much done. There’s still a few odds and ends coming together.

What have you been up to? How do you deal with changes in your life?




P.S. My new “thing” is buying fresh flowers every week to bring life into the apartment. I shared a picture of this week’s my Instagram.