Why I created my blog.

Though I think I cover this in both the “My Story” as well as “The New Coffee Addict Homemaker” posts, I think it deserves its own explanation.

Yesterday, I was browsing Facebook when I stumbled upon a post from Audrey Roloff, it was from their marriage mob flash photo challenge. I saw SO much hate on that post. Most of it centered around older women saying she didn’t have enough life/marriage experience to be giving advice. Like I commented on the post, it is true that they’re a young couple, however, many of us newlyweds find it refreshing to see others within our age range trying hard to establish a solid foundation for loving and healthy lifelong marriages. My husband and I, like many other couples, received way too many “good luck”, “why are you getting married” comments, I even got a “well when you get divorced…”. – I understand that sometimes divorce is a mature option for some couples, and that’s fine. My husband and I have talked about many things over the years (we’ve been together since 2007) and we agreed that divorce wouldn’t be an option. It may be old fashioned or  naive of us to think/say this but why would we say otherwise? We’re in this forever!

Getting back to the post. There is absolutely NO WAY that us newlyweds can compare ourselves to couples who have been together for decades. We are in no way offering marriage advice beyond what we’ve lived nor trying to be at the same level of women who have been homemaking for years. However, those newlyweds that do decide to share there story online do so (at least I do…and sometimes my husband) as a way to show our struggles, triumph and everything we learn along the way.

My reason for starting this blog was exactly that, to have an outlet where I could share my favorite resources, share my experience homemaking (cooking fails, days where I save money, home decor, etc.). I hope to inspire others who, like me, maybe are afraid of digging deep into homemaking because the social norm is to associate homemaking with an ancient and sometimes patriarchal view. And I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. You can read more about my view on homemaking here.

So if you’re reading this, by no means think that I have this blog because I think I know so much about marriage. I don’t, hence the reason for The Coffee Addict Homemaker in the first place. I hope that others in my same situation find this blog and take advantage of a space where we can all interact and learn from each other regardless of age, gender or season of life. We can all learn something from others.




P.S. – Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have my absolute favorite marriage blog for newlyweds, Beating50Percent.