A big #fail and lessons learned

I love sharing things I’ve learned here on my blog. But it’s only fair to also share when I epically fail. If you saw my last grocery haul (Tuesday) you’ll see that we made a pretty big haul with a menu plan and everything. This to save both time and money. We spent $100 and some change and that included expensive items like ground turkey and deli turkey. I say expensive because being used to cooking mostly plant-based, I find meat expensive. Given that we have a $300 monthly grocery budget, it wasn’t so bad. We had Organic chicken breast left from our first Costco trip here in CT so we were set.

Or so I thought.

Come Wednesday I realized I had forgotten the pesto for our turkey pesto meatballs. I always make it myself but my food processor is in boxes and we still haven’t gotten our cargo. I had also forgotten green onions, mushrooms and sesame seeds. So we went back to Trader Joe’s.

Then yesterday (Thursday), when I went to make lunch (salad) I found that our NEW package of Organic Romaine hearts had frozen/burn in the fridge. We’re still trying to figure out the best settings for the fridge, it hasn’t been easy. A salad for lunch wasn’t an option anymore, I pulled up Trader Joe’s Vegetable Fried Rice and made vegetable potstickers which was on the menu plan for another day. Come dinner time, hubby absolutely loved the Italian chicken sloppy joes……so much that we didn’t have leftovers. There went tomorrow’s lunch. *insert scream*. I am not complaining at all about this, I love cooking and love it even more when others enjoy it so much. I’m just stating that our lunch for Friday went bye-bye during Thursday’s dinner.

So, we went back to Trader Joe’s, my husband’s face was that of Hulk’s in the feature image above. Oh, I also miscalculated how many bell peppers I needed and had to get more of those as well. I ended up going to Trader Joe’s three times in three days to get lettuce, cucumbers, mushrooms, ciabatta, deli turkey and fresh citrus juices. In essence, the menu plan has failed the first two days and we went over budget for the month of August.

Lessons learned

  • If I’m eating deli turkey now, it’s more economical to purchase it at Costco.
  • Don’t think you’re going to have leftovers unless you plan for them.
  • Start thinking of one big meal I can make on Sundays to serve as lunch for a few days. (I.E. Chili, soup, beans, etc.)
  • Set reminders to take out frozen meats from the freezer the night before. I’m very forgetful and this has caused me to wake up and not have the ingredients needed for our menu that day.

I think it’s important to share the good and the bad. This was definitely bad and a look into real trial and error of a beginning homemakers.

Has this happened to you? Let me know in the comments.




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