Welcome to the new Coffee Addict Homemaker

Words cannot describe how excited I am to launch this blog/website. I was using WordPress as my platform while I decided if I really wanted to continue with this blog and quite honestly to see if I stuck to it. After a few months of blogging, my husband and I sat down and talked web design. I’m lucky he’s a software engineer because I don’t think anyone else would’ve understood exactly what I wanted. So, thank you J, not only for this website but for your patience and endless support in this project. I love you to the moon and back.

This new website is my “baby” and my first big online project. If anything, I hope to inspire others to find passion in creating happy and healthy homes regardless if you’re a newlywed, a stay-at-home mom, or if you work inside or outside the home. I’m so happy to be living in a time where strong and passionate women are working to bring back the tradition of homemaking. Though many homemakers work inside the home, some of us don’t. In my humble opinion, modern homemaking is driven by the interest and passion dedicated to actively create purposeful, happy, healthy and supportive home environments where families (regardless of the size) can grow and create lifelong memories.

As you can see by the new layout not only is the blog less cluttered and more modern but it has sub-categories as well for easier searching. New to my blog is the  “Favorites” category, within it you’ll find “Books” and “Home Decor” with their pertaining posts. From my old blog we still have all the original posts (though most have been edited). Series like “Thankful FriYAY” and weekly goals list are now sub-categories of Homemaking…the biggest and best category of them all.

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Thank you readers for letting me know there are others out there as passionate about homemaking as I am.

What do you think of the new webpage?



Comments (4)

  1. Blog looks great! I spent the last hour reading all your posts, wonderful stuff so far. Will definitely subscribe. I’ve been struggling with the whole ‘homemaker’ concept and you’ve definitely provided me much needed inspiration. So, thank you so much.

  2. Thank YOU, Nicole for always taking your time to read my blogs and give me feedback. I’m so happy you liked it 🙂 and I hope you enjoy some of the resources I’ve mentioned. Xo.

  3. I never saw your old blog but I love your set up now! Thumbed through several of you posts and they are all really good! Best of luck blogging, it can be difficult to get started and you’re doing a fabulous job.

  4. Thanks for the feedback Anna :)! Means a lot that you stopped by. Can’t wait to get to know you more through your blog.