Home Decor

Kitchen Update

Our cozy (and by cozy I mean small) apartment is slowly starting to take shape. While we wait for all of our furniture to arrive I’ve worked with the two rooms I can which are kitchen and bathroom.

I’m trying to maintain a clean and modern feel/decor theme. Not only are we trying to live within our means but this is also a rental so investing a lot of money isn’t really an option. Also, we don’t know how long we’ll be living in Hartford. We may move next year or we could stay for 5+ years. Until we know for sure we won’t be looking to purchase a home, though trust me I’m anxious for the day we do so.

Back to home decor, our kitchen has been decorated with items from Target mostly. This includes the table cloth, placemats, chairs, counter mat, and towels. The “P” mugs and greca coffeemaker are left outside to add some personality. The mugs are from Papyrus and the coffeemaker from Bed, Bath and Beyond. A few items are missing but they’re on their way with the moving cargo.

Here’s a picture from my Instagram, I promise to take good pictures of the entire apartment once it’s all finished.