7 Ways to Find Inspiration to Clean

Trust me when I say I was raised in one of the most pristine and clean homes in the world. My mother is EXTREMELY clean. She’d sweep 2-3 times a day, mop the floors weekly, clean the kitchen daily and would deep clean the house once a month. Fixtures were always dried instantly so they wouldn’t stain, laundry was done daily and she’d wash the sidewalk (yes, sidewalk) in front of our house every other day. My mom would even wash the throw pillow covers weekly; if the cover wasn’t removable she wouldn’t buy it. My neighbors would joke that you could eat in the sidewalk or garage floor and not get sick.  Keep in mind that this obsession took place in a home with only 1 child and 1 dog, that was always in the backyard.

You’d think I’d follow in her footsteps. I love a clean house as much as the next person but I really need to find inspiration daily to get cleaning. If this happens now in a 2 bedroom apartment with no kids….I can’t imagine when we expand our family.

Ironically enough, I’m writing this instead of cleaning right now.

Here are 7 ways I find inspiration to clean.

*Keep in mind I don’t have children. If you’re a mom, you might benefit from more structured inspiration.

  • Do Something You Enjoy while Cleaning 
    • I ALWAYS watch Gilmore girls or listen to my favorite podcast while cleaning. I find it makes time go by quicker and I’m doing something that I associate with pleasure while doing a tedious chore. I try to trick my brain sometimes ;-).
    • Try music! I’m not a huge music lover, I love it as much as the next person but I’d rather listen to a podcast or audiobook. Anyways, my husband always says he remembers his mom cleaning to Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine’s Conga while cleaning….find whatever works for you.
  • Get a little help
    • I try to schedule cleaning for when my husband is home or on his way home. This is so he can stay with Oliver (our pup) while everything dries, etc.
    • If you have kids maybe they can help entertain a pet while you clean. If you need help WITH the kids perhaps call for back-up from a family member or friend.
  • Remember the Benefits
    • Clean home = less allergies for both my husband and I.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself! 
    • This is something my husband has really helped me with. I remember the first week of us living together I cleaned almost daily and he told me “You need to relax a bit. Nobody will ever by as clean as your mother and you yourself have said that her obsession with cleaning is no way to live.” He really hit home with that one.
  • Have a flexible schedule
    • Sometimes I clean in the mornings, sometimes I clean at night. Not having a super strict schedule makes cleaning more do-able for me.
      • Pro of cleaning in the morning: Get it done and out of the way quickly.
      • Con of cleaning in the morning: Apartment doesn’t feel as clean at the end of the day.
      • Pro of cleaning at night: Go to bed with a clean home feeling.
      • Con of cleaning at night: Tired from the day.
  • Have cleaning supplies accesible to you.
    • I’m all about budgeting but I found that splurging on bleach cleaning wipes and cleaning surface wipes (A.K.A. generic brand Clorox and Windex wipes) makes it easier for me to clean countertops, specially in our kitchen. I keep both out in my counter and as soon as I make something, I clean the countertop and stovetop. If I open the microwave to heat up milk and find that it’s dirty, I have the wipes right there. It’s just a little something that helps.
  • Reward yourself!  
    • In my world, it’s called positive reinforcement. I know that as soon as I’m done cleaning I can direct my attention to something I love like reading a book or magazine or simply relax and surf the myriad of blogs I follow.


What inspires you to clean? Any tips or tricks worth sharing?




This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.