Busy Week Ahead

Hey everyone. I hope you’re all doing well….and if I haven’t said so yet, thank you for stopping by my blog. We should totally get together for coffee sometime.

Anyways, this week my husband and I are traveling to Hartford (our soon-to-be new home) to finally see our apartment in person, sign the lease, maybe try and get our CT licenses, buy a few basic necessities to leave for when we arrive in three weeks and do a few other errands. With that being said, I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to publish a blog post this week. My goal this week is to finish Living a Beautiful Life on Less and do a book review, hopefully I can get some of that done on either the plane or nights were hubby falls asleep before me.

Did I tell you we’re doing the 7 Day Marriage Challenge  from Beating 50Percent? It’s been going great 🙂 can’t wait to finish. It’s crazy how every day we can learn something new to help our marriages be loving and strong. I loved Day 2’s challenge, we learned each other’s love language and it turnes out we both received “Quality Time”. It was so fun (and occasionally tense) to answer the questions together for each of our turns. You can take the quiz without being in the challenge by clicking here; however, I highly recommend the challenge. I’ll definitely do a review about our experience when we finish it.

This week will definitely be a bittersweet one for us. We’re both looking forward to moving to Hartford but it won’t be easy leaving our families, our first apartment, our friends, etc. I can’t count my lucky stars enough to have a husband who supported me 100% through the internship application process and that is willing to relocate and work remotely so that I could complete my dream internship. *wipes away a single tear*.

Anyways, I won’t keep you guys here any longer. Make sure to follow me on Instagram, I’ll be posting a lot over there since I can’t promise a blog post, although I will try. Wish me luck.

What does your week look like? Any tips for blogging while traveling?




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