5 Things I’ve Learned Being a Homemaker

So I’ve been officially homemaking for a whopping….*drumroll* month and a half. That is, intentionally and purposefully homemaking. It was after our honeymoon (which was actually a month after the wedding) that I really starting digging deep into finding more about how I could learn to manage a home. I’m an extreme novice in this area, however, in this short amount of time, here are five little big things I’ve learned.

  1. Attitude changes everything.
    This is sort of an unofficial “golden rule” and it totally makes sense. Sure, I can loathe having to do laundry, cook, clean and work on my dissertation. But, what difference will it make? Will the clothes fold themselves? Will my deadline be pushed? Absolutely not!!! It really took a change of heart to see what I do as homemaking (making-our-home) in order for my attitude to change. I’m not by any means perfect and I have bribed my husband to do dishes in order for me to finish something school related (or play Cooking Fever), but I’ve really tried to see everyday tasks as “to-do’s” instead of chores. Whenever I’m feeling tired and like this tiny one bedroom apartment is getting out of my hands I take a step back and remember how lucky I am that I have a home and a family. Try it 😉 it could help you as well.
  2. Nobody likes doing dishes.
    It’s dreadful, specially when you don’t have a dishwasher. I tried to solve my problem in a very concrete way. Why did I hate washing the dishes so much? – I hate murky/soapy water. I hate ruining my manicure (#firstworldproblems). I despise having different foods, sauces, etc. touch my hands while cleaning.So, what was my revelation? Buy gloves! Yup, the $2.99 bag of pink rubber gloves that’s always at the supermarket. It may be purely psychological but this has helped me so much more than words could say. I feel silly admitting it actually. Gloves (and listening to a podcast or watching something on Netflix) is all it took for me to despise washing dishes a little less. I get it done so much quicker and my hands stay dry!
  3. Learning from others is essential.
    I think I’ve mentioned this before, but in case I haven’t here it goes again. My mom was a stay-at-home-mom, however, I don’t believe she was an intentional homemaker. My mom has taught me a few recipes recipes, how to sort and wash clothes and how to clean a few things. However, when it comes to creating a happy and healthy home environment were our family of two can grow and one day expand, it’s another story.  I’ve looked for an online community that could allow me to learn and grow as a homemaker. I now have a pretty steady routine of blogs, podcasts, books and even e-courses that I follow. It’s a lot of information to take in but I always learn a little something and I think (well, I hope) both my husband and I have seen a difference in our home life. If you want to see some of my favorite bloggers, check out this post.
  4. Organization is key!
    As soon I decided that I wanted to be a homemaker (intentionally) I went out and bought a small notebook at Marshall’s. This notebook has helped me to do daily to-do lists, menu plans, write down blog post ideas, etc. Days tend to get away from me, specially days when I’m not home for most of the day, so being organized those few days that I am home is key. It sounds like a given but that little notebook has been a life saver. We do our shopping list there and take it to the supermarket to add up prices and make sure we don’t go over budget. It’s also where I wrote our family mission statement *wipes away a single tear*, which I plan on getting on a plaque on etsy once we have our apartment in Connecticut.
  5. There is no way to be a perfect homemaker. 
    We’re all different at different seasons in life, with different responsibilities, goals, etc. With that said, there is no single way to be a perfect homemaker. There are days (or two or three) where I can’t get myself to do more than cook and pass the Swiffer, and that’s okay. When I start working full-time in August I’ll have to be even more flexible. Each day is different. However, I know that everyday I make a conscious effort to be a better homemaker and that’s worth patting myself on the back. In the end it comes down to taking it day by day and trying our best.


What have you learned being a homemaker? Any resources you recommend?





This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.