5 Reasons I Love Being a Young Wife

Although I know that I’m not exactly a teenager (I’m 25), considering that the average age for marriage is 27 for women and 29 for men (according to Google), and comparing myself to my age peers, I know I married young. In fact, my husband and I were the first of our group of friends to marry, with only one couple following us two weeks after.

Below is a reason of why I love having married young.

  1. Our Family Bucket List -Both my husband and I are now able to join our individual bucket lists and create one family bucket list. We actually started it while driving to Savannah, Georgia during our honeymoon. Among the things in our list is adopting a child from China, doing a road trip through Route 66, and a few others.
  2. Designing Our Lives – Okay, so this really can happen at any age. However, given that we’re young, there’s so much we still haven’t done. We haven’t visited Europe, I haven’t finished graduate school (almost though :)), we haven’t had children, etc. Basically, we have the luxury to design the life we want before or even while we’re “settling down”. There is so much that we have yet to see…and now we can experience everything together.
  3. Joint Finances/Budgeting – Sadly, I’m the one who brings debt into our marriage having over 100k in graduate school student loans, and I’m still not finished. However, for better or for worse (see what I did there?), we must figure out our budget every month, how to pay off my loan, save for our lives, start our adoption fund, buy a home, etc. Although those who marry later in life probably have better savings than we did when we got married, it’s exciting to know that we’re building everything up for out future.
  4. Big Changes – Given the fact that we’re just starting out, we haven’t really “placed our roots” anywhere. Since we don’t own a home (we currently rent), we can jump at new opportunities in a heartbeat. For example, a few weeks before we got married, I had to rank internship sites for my doctoral internship. Given the reasons stated above and with the amazing support of my now-husband, I was able to place my dream site as my first choice. Two weeks before the wedding, I got the e-mail that I had matched which meant, we’re moving to Connecticut this fall. I know that changes can happen at any stage but being in this season of life has certainly helped make the transition easier. I have many friends who for example have a home, have children, etc. and weren’t able to rank internship sites outside of their vicinity.
  5. The Best is Yet To Come – I absolutely LOVE that we’re spending our entire lives together. Add this to the fact that we’ve been together since we were 16, when we’re 40 we will have been together for 24 years and married for 15 years. To me that is absolutely amazing, specially this day in age. Having the opportunity to go through every season and stage of life together is a wish come true.

Did you marry young? Do you believe there are advantages?



All opinions are my own.