My Top 5 Homemaking Blogs

True to myself, I’ve been obsessed with homemaking lately and so it’s all I read about. Contrary to other topics/activities, I’ve really been into homemaking since around March but it’s taken me until now to join the online homemaking community.

Why am I so obsessed? Because I’ve never had a home to create. In my house, my mom was both a stay-at-home mom and a homemaker, she was in charge of cooking, cleaning, solving conflict (even if she did cause it), and other home-related tasks.

Since we got married a whopping 3 months ago, it’s been me and my husband learning to live together, to combine our priorities and responsibilities as well as, you guessed it…how to create and manage a home. I’ve truly fallen in love with the term homemaker. It’s changed my perspective and made me feel much happier specially regarding house chores. I love that my husband and I are creating our home/life according to what we desire in this stage of life.

So, back to business, below are my current 5 favorite blogs that are either dedicated to homemaking or have served as wonderful inspiration.

  1. Young Wife’s Guide – I could dedicate an entire post to Jami’s blog, maybe even two. She has been my biggest inspiration in this homemaking journey. First of all, I learned the difference between a housewife and a homemaker, making me fall in love with the concept of knowing that I am a maker of my home. She’s helped me take simple steps to create a wonderful home and family life. For example, creating a family mission statement and family/individual priorities list. I’m also a young wife (25) and although I don’t have children (Jami and her husband have 4), I can very much identify with so much of what she says regarding marriage.Everyday I listed to 3-4 of Jami’s Homemaking Foundation Podcast. Since she began in summer of 2015, I have a lot of catching up to do. I’m currently on episode 15 and I love it. My favorite so far has been episode 7, I’ve listened to it four times, one of those with my husband. There she talks about prioritizing, stages of life and the meaning of being a homemaker as well as how to manage your priorities.A couple of months ago, I funded the Homemaking Ministries’s “My Homemaking Mentor: Online Training Academy” through Kickstarter. I’ve had beta access to the academy for about two weeks now and I love it. Her videos have been so inspiring but Lesson #4 is my favorite so far (Creating Priorities for your Life and Home). After I finish this post I’ll be completing her “Finding joy in your home” e-course. Like I said, I’m obsessed.
  2. The Diva Dish – I’ve been following Arielle’s blog for years on and off, always admiring her passion for healthy cooking and cracking up with her stories about motherhood. Arielle is also a stay-at-home mom and homemaker. My biggest inspiration from her is healthy eating (one of the few bloggers with lots of vegetarian /vegan dishes). She suffered with disordered eating while younger and I identify with this so much since I battled bulimia nervosa for nine years (and I still battle it everyday even after “recovery”). Her #realhousewife posts let me know I’m not the only one whose kitchen is a mess……and that’s okay sometimes. Also, Arielle inspires me to get moving. If with three kids she can find the time to workout, I have no excuse. For a few days now I’ve been consistently walking around my neighborhood and at the local park and I’ve felt great. Oh….Did I mention she’s following me on Instagram? We’re basically BFFS now!
  3. Blissful and Domestic – Every time I read Danielle’s blog I feel like I’m talking to a big sister whose giving me advise for the future. I really enjoy her laid back approach to blogging and her writing style. Danielle has really inspired me to live within our means which is especially important right now since my husband is the only income in our home. A couple of days ago I remember I had Amazon credit to use so I picked up her book, “Living a Beautiful Life on Less”, for Kindle so I can read on my phone throughout the day. Finances is a sore subject for me to talk about, it’s downright scary. I’m almost done with Chapter 1 and she’s really helped my finance-related anxiety. Her section on “Principles for Getting Your Life on Track” was eye-opening. My favorite quote was by far: “Living below your means simply means spending less than you earn”. Can’t wait to finish her book, I hope to do a review on it.
  4. MoneySavingMom – Crystal’s blog is very new to me and I actually discovered her through Jami’s podcast. Jami mention’s her book “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode” so much that I just had to get it and check out her blog. Since she has so much material, I’ve found it very useful to begin with her Popular Series, my favorite and most inspiring one has been “21 Days to a More Disciplined Life”. Knowing that in just a couple of weeks my life will be totally different with a 8-5 “job” in a new state/country while my husband works from home stresses me out just thinking about it. However, I figure and anticipate, that the more I can learn and actually organize myself now, the smoother the transition will be as I will have skills and knowledge that I didn’t have before. I specially enjoyed the post on “Stop Comparing Yourself to Others”, it really has helped to see that me and my husband’s life will have it’s own rhythm and set of priorities different from everyone else’s and that’s perfectly fine as long as it goes in accordance to what we want from each other and life at that moment. The next series I plan on reading is “31 Days to a Better Grocery Budget”. Even though we’re a family of 2, this area always needs to be worked on. Also, I signed up for her free 5 day e-course! As you can tell, I’m trying to learn every opportunity I can.Before I forget, I just began listening to Crystal’s book on Audible as well. I began last night so I still have a lot to listen to but I’m really enjoying it and can’t wait to finish it so I can write a review.
  5. Embracing a Simpler Life – Katie’s blog is the last one on my list because it’s the last one that I’ve really been digging in to. I only found her blog last week so It’s still very new to me but I absolutely LOVE her philosophy on living a simple life. I come from a family who valued success in life with material objects, the more you had the “better” your life was. Since my husband and I are just starting out, we’re sort of “forced” to live a simple life and although we do have goals for a home (and I have home decor goals, haha), learning to live and love a simple life is a priority. Katie mentions something that really made me stop and think.. “But it’s the state of our hearts that matter, not our things“. She’s so on point with this. We may not have luxury in our home but we live comfortably within our means in a great area in our city, my husband’s car is paid off, our (pescatarian) diet is mostly Organic, and we’re in good health. My husband is also able to support both of us while I finish graduate school and is able to pay for our move from Puerto Rico to Connecticut in order to support me in following my professional dreams. I really can’t complain.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, I’m so excited to have this blog. As I learn more I hope to discover new ones as well.

Do you have any favorite homemaking blogs? Leave me a comment below!


All opinions are my own. This is not and advertised post and no affiliate links have been used.