Characteristics of a Modern Homemaker

All over the internet and specially Pinterest, there are many posts and blogs dedicated to homemaking. I get many ideas from different blogs (that’s actually my next post), all of which have different views on homemaking. My biggest difference from these is that I am not a religious person, however, I’ve come to see and learn that this doesn’t make much of a difference.

What I consider modern homemaking is creating an environment in my home where me and my husband can learn, grow and live a happy and healthy life as a (2 person) family. I do not take this role on particularly because I am a woman, but because I wish to do so. Therefore, I believe that everyone can be a homemaker, man or woman. It just so happens that at this moment in our lives, I’m the one who is mostly at home, so I happily take on the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, etc. Although I have no trouble with the term housewife, I prefer homemaker, because as Jami Balmet says, we are makers of our home.

I’ve decided to take on a modern view homemaking early in our marriage because I do wish to be stay-at-home mom, if not full time then as much as possible, when we have kids. I know that obtaining a new outlook on household chores will help me in the future as well as creating different routines and goals for our family will help us always be on the same page.

Here are some of the characteristics I believe a modern homemaker (man or woman) has:

  • Enthusiasm to create a happy and healthy home.
  • Enthusiasm to create an encouraging environment in the home.
  • Ability (or working towards) to find joy in the little things.
  • Organization (a minimum level required, I promise).
  • Eagerness to learn from others.
  • Courage to identify when things/routines/dynamics need to change and actively work to do so.

I look forward to learning from others throughout this blog. My current goal is one post per week so make sure to check back soon.